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Fachdidaktik Englisch, Modul III (UZH Nr. 1980)

"Classroom Management / ICT for English"


Room:  SOE-F-9




Link zu Vorlesungsverzeichnis, Veranstaltung Nr. 1980



FDE III – HS 12         Program FDE III: CLM / ICT (will be completed as we go!):


Nr / Dates



1  /  20 September 2012

Can classroom behaviour be improved? And if so, how? Memories from own experience. / ETP-Jan04-WhatMakesYouSoSpecial.pdf

Presentation of "triangle of success" FDEIII-CLM Triangle.ppt / finalkouninpresentation.ppt .

CLM Dos and Donts.doc


Tasks: read  ClassroomManagement2.doc ,   Influences_on_student_learning.pdfTeachers_make_a_difference_-_ACER_(2003).pdf (taken from: http://www.education.auckland.ac.nz/uoa/home/about/staff/j.hattie/hattie-papers-download/influences/ ) 

Ericsson-Deliberate Practice-Expert.docWas Fachdidaktiker gerne verschweigen: A-Barth1.pdf  / Was Fachdidaktiker ausserdem verschweigen.pdf / responsible classroom management.doc

 http://perino.org/The-Key-to-Classroom-Management.aspx.htm (click!) 

Prepare questions / comments on the studies above for discussion in Session 2. / Find answers to worksheet "expert teachers" :  Worksheet Expert Teachers.doc


Please DOWNLOAD these e-booksCLM-Basic-Text(M).pdf , Effective+Feedback.pdf

2  /  27 Sept.

Link to CONTACT PAGE: click!

Discussion of studies read. Worksheet Expert Teachers.doc

Link to Geoff Petty's homepage (click)

Link to John Hattie's homepage (click)

On "effect size" (Petty video, click) Hattie's table of "effect size"  Petty video on Bloom's taxonomy  Webpage description of Bloom's Taxonomy  BloomsTaxonomy (graphic).pdf  More Petty videos for your interest


Tasks: read chs. 1 and 2 of CLM-Marzano, prepare questions / discussion points / contribute from your own experience, if you can.

3  /  4 October

Exercise on "BLoom's Taxonomy" bloom-exercise.pdfBloomsTaxonomy.pdf   Discussion of chs. 1 and 2 of CLM-Marzano: CLM + Rules / Your questions, comments. 10Tips_ClassroomManagement_Edutopia.pdf  /  self assessment.pdf  / Just seen... the annoying little things pupils ask: (teacher blog): http://community.tes.co.uk/forums/t/559541.aspx?s_cid=Mon_news_COM

Tasks: read ch. 3  of CLM-Marzano + "dealing with difficulties" dealing_with_difficulties.pdf, prepare questions / discussion points / contribute from your own experience, if you can.


4  /  11 Oct.

Discussion of ch. 3 of CLM-Marzano: Disciplinary Interventions / Dealing with difficulties dealing_with_difficulties.pdf / Command respect - magazine article - TES.pdf

Tasks about Dealing with Difficulties.docx

Short Video input great teachers vs. poor teachers: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXCl2fMsdTU&feature=related

Five Quick Classroom Management Tips for Novice Teachers:


Behaviour and classroom management collections: http://www.tes.co.uk/article.aspx?storyCode=6080317

Communication Style.pdf  /  law of the least-intervention.pdf

Tasks: read chs. 4 and 5 of CLM Marzano, prepare questions / discussion points / contribute from your own experience, if you can. 

5  /   18 Oct.

Discussion of chs. 4 and 5 of CLM-Marzano: Teacher-Student Relationship, Mental Set / model-student-interest.pdfreflection-student-relation.pdf ,  self-assessment-relations-mental-set.pdf ,  listening-speaking-exercise.pdf / Self-evaluation grid: self-evaluation4dHS11-12.docx / ETP-Nov04-spirit of cohesion.pdf / The importance of eye contact (click!)  5 communication styles.pdf  reflection on mindset.pdf 


Tasks: read chs. 6 and 7 of CLM-Marzano, prepare questions / discussion points / contribute from your own experience, if you can. / read the introduction (overview) plus one chapter of "Effective Feedback.pdf" (choose the chapter that interests you most), think about how to apply in daily classroom 

P.S. Guess who is prominently quoted in "Das Magazin" (Tagi-Magi) as having carried out the single most comprehensive study about "what works in schools"... see here: http://www.perino.org/viewer.html

6  / 25 Oct

Discussion of chs. 6 and 7 of CLM-Marzano: Student's Responsibility, Off to a Good Start  

Discussion of "Effective Feedback"    Effective-Feedback-summary.ppt   feedback-conclusion.pdf

Essay writing assessment proforma.docx



assessment for learning – i practice (click!) 


Kriterien zur Bewertung der mündlichen Präsentation (nicht Buch).doc


Tasks: in addition to the specific interests that you have already expressed, study ICT in ELT.pdf and decide which area of ICT in the classroom you would like to work on, as well.

7  /  1 November

Introduction to ICT in language learning:

Inputs, presentation of tools   /  (Overview of a great number of useful applications of ICT: ICT in ELT.pdf)


A collection of great free webpages to use in language teaching:  click!

8  / 8 Nov.



What is a "Prezi"? – see here: http://prezi.com/-3m3b7palqy2/election-results-prezi/


Create your own Pbworks account form here: http://pbworks.com/

  • create, try out writing, embedding pictures, adding links
  • make a concept of the structure of your wiki (what will be on the front page? what sections should there be? ...)
  • create the subpage where you will place your project
  • Put the URL of that page on the linkpage for your projects: HERE!


More input about webpages to use in EFL teaching:  click!


(For the long version of the "engage me" movie, go to input "Prensky": Prensky-Perino.pdf)

(For webquests go here: http://perino.org/CALL/program.htm)



Choosing a project, starting to work at it.


Project guidelines:


Design a project in English for a level that you choose. It will stretch across several lessons (decide how many) and various different ICT Tools should predominantly be used.

  • The basic working tool is your PBworks wiki, from where the description of the project, as well as all the necessary instructions for students, weblinks, documents and illustrations are provided. 

  • Decide which other tools from the list of suggested webpages/tools in this course should be used. Their use must make sense for the tasks designed.

  • Give clear instructions about how students' project results should be presented / provided.


  • The design of the project and all the materials necessary to actually use it in class should be ready for presentation in the last sessions, on December 13/20.


Go here to have a look at last semesters projects for inspiration: click!


Tasks: work on project / bring up questions for discussion in group 

9  / 15 Nov.

Input: VOTING using Mentimeter:

http://mentimeter.com  / moviesegments for grammar: click!


For your interest: a short video featuring Robert Marzano (Classroom Management that Works): click!


More inputs from: http://fdephbern.pbworks.com/w/page/52854801/FrontPage


Work on project within session


Tasks: work on project / bring up questions for discussion in group 

10 /  22 Nov

Input: http://www.teachertrainingvideos.com/brain/index.html :  about MyBrainshark.com (http://www.brainshark.com/mybrainshark) : Upload powerpoint presentations or other documents and add audio to them.


Find more tutorials on http://www.teachertrainingvideos.com


More inputs from: http://fdephbern.pbworks.com/w/page/52854801/FrontPage


Work on project / input and answers to questions as desired or necessary


Tasks: work on project / bring up questions for discussion in group

11  /  29 Nov

Work on project / input as desired or necessary

http://www.swisseduc.ch/english/  Ideas for reading with lots of information and materials

http://card2brain.ch/   Vocabulary Learning Card System with CSV import facilities, various studying modes

http://www.onelook.com/  Alternative to Leo...

http://quizlet.com/  Alternative to "learningapps" (not as many different forms of exercises as in LA)

12 /  6 December

Work on project / input as desired or necessary

Tasks: finalize project, publish here: (click!), 

13 / 13 Dec.

Presentation of projects  (click!), 



14 /  20 Dec.

Presentation of projects  (click!), 

final discussion.


This programme will be completed and adjusted as we go. Please always refer to the up-to-date version on PBwiki!

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