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First Semester Dates and Program HS 2012-13 (UniZH 1977):


elementary through intermediate levels


Link to second semester FDE II FS 2013


Documents/Links of general interest:


Wichtigste Reglemente und Merkblätter zum Studiengang LM Version 2012-13:



Link to "Vorlesungsverzeichnis" LM - IfE HS 2012-13 Uni ZH

Room SOE-F-2


Requirements / Books to buy for the course

Link to IfE / LM  Link to "history of Language Teaching Methods"



Timetable at KFR, HJ Perino: timetable-hj.pdf //  Link to online classbook KFR, HJ Perino (click!)

Aktueller Stundenplan pro Woche: http://www.kfr.ch/Stundenplan/02/t/t00070.htm (change number in RED for actual nr. of week in 2013)


(Last updated Sept. 20th, 2012)

This programme will be completed and adjusted as we go. Please always refer to the up-to-date version on this page !


Nr. / Dates


(Times, if special)

topic of seminar session, particulars of session, tasks, info ...


Main Web Page: perino.pbworks.com  mail: click here! (hperino [at] mac . com)



1  /  20 September 2012


CONTACT PAGE  (photos of participants)

thrown into the classroom... visual input... find someone who...


introduction, information, administrational stuff, organizing mini-presentations of methods, presentation of programme, introduction to PBworks.


Our motto: we will prepare and present professional lessons: i.e. we know what we do, how we do it and why we do it.


task: go to "perino.pbworks.com“ --> http://perino.pbworks.com/w/page/58109828/FDE-I-HS_2012-13 (this is right here :-) and download these documents:

lessonvisit-checks.xls   (table to fill in for your convenience)

core-requirements.pdf (read for Session 2!)



read also "Was Didaktiker gerne verschweigen" (link to PDF on A. Barth's web-download page), read:

Before didactics.doc  t-factor-print.jpg, classlanguage.pdf

what do teachers do.doc   Teacher-Personality-MR.doc

in HTT read ch 2 (Teachers) / LT  13-23 (3rd edition) and  33-36 . browse through teachingsecrets.pdf, READ p. 7 of it.


go to the CONTACT PAGE  (click!) and post a photo with your name.


If you haven't yet, get books indicated on the main page (click!)


2  /  27 September


discuss "core requirements",  start thinking about

“what is a good (English) teacher”, teacher personality, teacher’s roles and attitudes /Answer ppt "teachers are..." / born or aquired? // first lesson activity. 1st-Lesson-dos-n-donts.docBarth_03-2011.pdf  /  classroom language.pdf //  develop criteria for "good" publisher's webpage  / I am a teacher.pdf


taskas a result of your readings and our discussions, try to “draw” a picture of the universal, ideal English teacher. write a short text about "the kind of good teacher I want to be"


Links to publishers: Cambridge, Cornelson, MacMillan-Dictionary, MacMillan-Home, Oxford University Press, Headway, Pearson-Longman,  New English File, New Cutting Edge, New Inside Out, New Inspiration (MacMillan)  --> compare the various websites and put them into order as to their usefulness for a teacher (justify your ranking)


Other links: How to choose a coursebook, Materials vs. Methods: Need they be in Conflict?  Systematic Coursebook Evaluation HTT ch. 11 / read choosing-a-coursebook.doc , download "bookgrid.xls. BRING IT TO THE BOOKSHOP. Another page on criteria for coursebooks

3 / 4     /  4 October

Double Session! starting 08:15

1st part at Stäheli's bookshop, see map here

evaluation of coursebooks, we will choose "our" book to work with when planning pre-intermediate lessons: First Part WILL TAKE PLACE AT Stäheli's BOOKSHOP Schifflände 26, 2nd floor, Zürich!

The book we chose at Stäheli's for Pre-Intermediate level is "English File, Third Edition" Pre-Intermediate Student's book

(Also choose Graded Reader to work with later.)


Discussing websites of publishers as to their usefulness
your texts (ideal teacher)


task: read HTT ch. 12 (planning lessons/lesson plans), LT ch. 6 (lesson plans), 16 (tools, techniques, activities) / read docs, visit links: 

Teaching Techniques

Approaches & Methods in Second Language Teaching

Designing a Lesson

Swisseduc Lesson Plans English

Teachknowlogy Page

Input on Lesson Plans

Making a Lesson Plans (with samples)

lesson-aims.doc    LP.pdf   preparing-lessonplan.doc
5  /  11 October

Presentation: Total Physical Response, Caren

C3_Epostl_E.pdf  /

Discussing how to make a lesson plan / working in groups or individually to prepare lesson plans with chosen coursebook (brainstorming ideas at this stage  --> complete lesson plans in "working session" on Oct 18)

Working Session "Lesson Plans"  Lessonplan-model.doc  /

Info on how to upload to PbWorks (given during session, if necessary). 


task: finish lesson plans (HTT 12, LT  6, 15 as sources of ideas). upload your lesson plans to Pbworks and DOWNLOAD all the other plans. Study them in preparation for the session, so that we can comment on them as they are presented.

6  /  18 October



Presentation: task based, Emanuel    // TaskBasedLangTeaching_ESigner.pdf TaxiTask_Transparency.pdf


Info "Übungslehrer (click here!)"

 --> choosing available ones /

Working Session "Lesson Plans"

finalising and peer-check

upload lesson plans here (click)


look at berufspraktische Ausbildung as a whole:


example non-coursebook phases / lessons:

Conversation questions link (click) ENGLISH WOMEN'S NAMES.pdf  ENGLISH MEN'S NAMES.pdf


task: finalise lesson plans if necessary. 

7 /  25 October

Presentation: Participatory Approach, political dimension, Anette   Handout-The Participatory Approach AJaworski.pdf Transparency-The Participatory Approach AJaworski.pdf Transparency-Conclusion.pdf Oral Presentation-The Participatory Approach AJaworski.pdf


presenting and discussing your lesson plans /

teaching grammar.pdf

task: my conclusions about planning lessons: individual reflection on today's session. (re-)read LT ch. 10, 12; HTT ch. 5, 6, 11 /

8  /  1 November


Presentation: content based instruction, Sarah   


discussing remaining lesson plans / your quesions


starting to discuss:
aspects of classroom management



task: read LT ch. 5, HTT ch. 3 plus links and docs: 

ETP-Jul03-classroom organisation.pdf  ETP-Nov04-spirit of cohesion.pdf 

classroom management answers CLM tips and answers  the really big list of CLM resources  

least-intervention.pdf  Becoming a more efficient Classroom Manager.pdf 



Techniken Klassenfuehrung.doc

responsible classroom management.doc

Org des Unterrichts.doc

First Impression.doc

Penalties in the Classroom.doc

NEW LINK: Key to CLM! (click!)


learner types. LearnerTypes-TeacherTypes.doc   learner-types.pdf

test yourself: click here  / or here  /  or here  /

What learner type are you? (click to find out!)

More information on "learner type" (click)

9  /  8 November


Presentation: Natural Approach, Sandra

The Natural Approach.docx

aspects of classroom management (DVD input) / input on how to keep up the flow over various phases of a lesson / classlang.pdf  guidlines-for-praise.doc  ClassroomManagement2.doc


task:  read docs, visit links:

Artikel9Maturfaecher.doc   Grobziele.doc  WeitereArtikelderMAR.doc

lohntabelle97.pdf   Arbeitstabelle Jahresgrundlohn07.pdf  Lohnskalen zur MBVO (Löhne ab 01_01_2009).pdf

MAR (Maturitätsanerkennungsreglement)  MBA (Mittelschul- und Berufsbildungsamt Kt. ZH)


10  /  15 November


Presentation: Community Language Learning, Julia

Info "Lehrplan" / teaching situation in Kanton Zürich  / starting to think about vocabulary, speaking, error correction


tasks  read LT ch. 7, 14-1,7; HTT ch. 6, 9, 14-1/6/7 visit links and read documents on PBwiki

ETP-Nov04-The Shy Speaker.pdf   ETP-Mar05-SpeakingSpontaneously4.pdf   ETP-Mar05-AuthenticCommunication.pdf   ETP-Jan05-speaking spontaneaously.pdf  


11 /  22 November

Presentation: Communicative Approach, Martina 

Speaking / Error Correction / Open session: your questions



eliciting game items.pdf



task: Answer sheet "What I would do" (error correction) What I would do.pdf  read HTT ch. 9 / LT old Ch. 7, 13  – new Ch. 9.1-9.5, Ch. 11 speaking, vocabulary, prononciation

12  /  29 November




Presentation: Desuggestopedia, Olivia Desuggestopedia_handout.pdf

 vocabulary (DVD input HTT 6), speaking,

Two dozens of tips for vocabulary teaching...  http://www.trcabc.com/resources/top-ten-ways-to-teach-vocabulary/  McCarten_booklet.pdf

reliable & valid test.pdf

Test your vocabulary here!

task read HTT ch. 13, LT ch. 14-2 (p. 302 on)   


Summative and Formative Testing  Summative, Formative and other Testing (wikipedia)

About "validity and reliability" in testing   other source for the same    and another one... 


Testing (collection of links)


Diagnostic Grammar Test (check yourself!)  Testing Grammar - types of tests

correction-sheet.jpg  What-is-a-good-test.doc

sample tests: TEST FOAE U7 part II.pdf  TEST NHWE 9 -10.pdf  TEST NHWE 11-body.pdf

                     TEST NNHE U 3-4.pdf  Test NEF E U8 1+2.doc  TEST NEF 9 + Canterville.pdf


6d test 10-07.pdf  TEST HE U 3-4.pdf  Test U1_2 HWE.pdf  NEF E Mini 4-07.pdf

TEST NEF6-7.pdf  NEF E Mini 2-2007.pdf  TEST NEF U608.pdf  NEF-E Test 1 08.pdf

NEF-E U2A-C 08.pdf  Test NEF I U4AB.pdf  Test NEF I U3.pdf

task: study links and documents about testing so that you are well prepared for the working session.

13 /  6 December




Presentation: The Silent Way, Sibylle  /

    testing / discussion
working session to write your tests.  /


upload your tests here (click!)


Calculate your marks online: 3 methods



Noten_formel.pdf (Offizielle Notenformel Kanton Zürich)



task: upload tests

14 / 13 December




discussing your tests



task: find ideas for Xmas lessons

1 FDE II (compensation for

late beginning FDE II !) /

20 December

(Picture story_christmas.doc) / discussing Xmas lessons

Resolutions Cartoons.doc


http://www.allthetests.com/quiz26/quiz/1253890531/Christmas-around-the-World  : Quiz about Xmas around the world traditions

http://www.funtrivia.com/quizzes/world/seasonal/christmas.html : Lots of activities around Xmas

http://www.donpixel.com/play/060209114500/ : Alphabet üben

Do non-xmas-related activities: e.g. "Grapevine" / Peter and the Wolf / ...


[HJ: bring New Inspiration 3 for Sybille ---> lesson after holiday!]
your feedback, questions, remarks, wishes for the second semester, preview


task for second semester:  ( Re-)read the following texts BEFORE the 2nd semester starts:


The Great Gatsby / To Kill a Mockingbird / Disgrace / The Crucible / An Ideal Husband

Beginning of the 2nd SEMESTER of FDE on DO 14th March 2013.

NO sessions: 4th April (Easter Break) / 11th April (HJ IATEFL) / 9th May (Ascension Day)

It will contain three double sessions: 18th April / 25th April / 2nd May 2013: 08:15 – 12:00


For the second semester: Cambridge, Joanne Collie & Stephen Slater: Literature in the Language Classroom

    (A resource book of ideas and activities), 1987 / 2002, ISBN 0-521-31224-8

    [might be somewhat hard to get by, at the moment, but is still a great resource book full of invaluable ideas]

    amazon online Bestellung here


This programme will be completed and adjusted as we go. Please always refer to the up-to-date version on this page !



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