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requirements and books for the course

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  1.        Information and Organisation

            Formal requirements for admission to the course (order of priority)

            Maximum number of participants = 20 (further courses starting in spring)

  Order of priority if more participants want to take part:

 ⧫  Master / Lizentiat completed

 ⧫   Masterarbeit / Lizentiatsarbeit completed

                          „Einfürungsvorlesung“ allg. Did. done / or booked for same semester

 ⧫   Semester abroad in English-speaking country completed.

    This should guarantee the high linguistic proficiency and competence that are essential to participation in and 

    maximum benefit  from the cours (1.UF 6 months abroad /  2.UF 6 months abroad).



  Participation requirements for successful completion with credits:

   Regular attendance of course (both semesters!). Please keep enough time free to visit classes and discuss lessons afterwards. (See below.)

            Desired attitude

   readiness to take an active and open-minded part in the course

    readiness to invest time  in the preparation of assignments, in visiting other students' classes and my classes.

    willingness to exercise self-criticism

    sensitivity in the criticism of others, willingness to encourage others.

   My request: Please email me if you cannot attend a particular session. It is nice to know what is happening to one's students.



  2.  Time Management: The Didactics Course is extremely time-intensive:

  • you have to teach 4 lessons under the supervision of a teacher in a grammar-school
  • you have to watch 4 lessons given by your ÜbungslehrerIn
  • you have to watch 4 lessons given by fellow students
  • you have to teach one lesson under the supervision of your didactics teacher and watch the previous lesson
  • you have to watch at least 5 lessons given by your didactics teacher
  • do not forget to calculate one hour after each lesson given or watched to discuss it


Taking these requirements into account it is obvious that you cannot do more than one „Fachdidaktik“ course at one time.


It is recommended that you work in pairs when you teach and attend lessons. You can help each other with useful comments and hints.


  3.  Leistungsnachweis: 

  • One or two short presentations in each module (depending on nr. of participants and extent of presentations)
  • active participation during sessions (physical attendance required, a maximum of 3 sessions may be missed for serious reasons)
  • observation and teaching of lessons as stated in 2. above
  • completing of assignments from session to session 


Remember ONE webpage URL:  perino.pbworks.com

for all relevant documents and links with this course.


   ⧫  Language Competence Test (ES) must be completed for FDE II.



B    Books to buy for FDE I  online through links indicated below:


    Pearson Longman, Jeremy Harmer: How to Teach English (new edition with DVD), 2007, ISBN 978-1-4058-4774-2 / 978-1-405-85309-5

    amazon online Bestellung here  / lesestoff.ch


    Macmillan, Jim Scrivener: Learning Teaching, 3rd edition, 2011, ISBN 978-0-230-72982-7 / 978-0-230-72984-1

    amazon online Bestellung here  /  lesestoff.ch


    Oxford, Diane Larsen-Freeman: Techniques and Principles in Language Teaching, third edition, 2011, ISBN 978-0194423601

    amazon online Bestellung here  /  lesestoff.ch


    For the second semester: Raithby, Katherine and Taylor, Alison:  Teaching Literature in the A Level Modern Languages Classroom

    (A resource book of ideas and activities), 2019 / ISBN 978-1-138-30351-5 

    amazon online Bestellung here  /  lesestoff.ch


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