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Workshop  «AI Tools for English – Hands-on»


This page's URL: https://tinyurl.com/AI-Perino       




My new ©PIN-Coaching page: 


  Email me here:  

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1     Preliminary Questions: (click text- or clip links to view content)


  1. What is ChatGPT? (click!) 
  2. How to access it? (click!)
  3. What can it do? (click!) 
  4. General Remarks about Prompting (click!)
  5. Custom Instructions / Confidence Level [short clips: to view click link, then "download" in head on next page]
  6. How does it "learn":  click!  /  Which bot ist the best? ---> https://chat.lmsys.org/?leaderboard 


2     Uses for Grammar, Stories, Speaking, Vocabulary, Literature, Listening, Writing, Reading Comprehension:


Example prompt for

Grammar exercise.

Result in ChatGPT: (St + T)

Prompt: As a teacher of English as a foreign language, explain the rules for using present perfect simple verb form as opposed to past simple verb form and add 10 examples, for which you explain each time why one or the other tense form was used.

Chat GPT pres-pf vs past simple / (original chat: https://chat.openai.com/ )

Combination of ChatGPT and Wordwall.net : (T)

View example clip: click!  [taken from teachertrainingvideos.com / Russell Stannard: to view click "download" on next page]

Working with

Stories: (T)

- Two similar stories with five differences: click for clip!

- Twice the same stories at two different levels: click for clip!

Speaking practice: (St + T)


Add voice plug-in for computer Chrome Browser: https://chromewebstore.google.com/detail/voice-control-for-chatgpt/eollffkcakegifhacjnlnegohfdlidhn?pli=1 [with mobile app included, click for image to see] 

We will create an interview or a dialogue on ChatGPT, defining the role that the bot takes and your role, as well as the level of language. (We will do this "live", I will add the URL to it here – once we have done it.) https://chat.openai.com 

ChatGPT with an interview + matching in Wordwall (R. Stannard): (T)

Organize questions on one side and have answers on the other side: match questions and answers. / Take it to wordwall if you like to create a dragging activity there. / Create a mix and match exercise on ChatGPT itself: watch clip: interview.mp4

Alternative Bots for Chatting: (St + T)

New: https://beta.speakandimprove.com/home  (free!)


https://kansei.app/language-learning-companions/  Find a virtual buddy to accompany you in your studies.


https://www.practicetalking.net/signin  Talk with anyone. Have a crush? Favorite celebrity? Historical figure? Important job interview?


https://www.eviebot.com/en/ (more or less non-sensical conversations, which teenagers might enjoy… 😉)


https://beta.character.ai/ Choose from countless famous or funny characters to chat with. Content is entirely made up, but great practice for language.


https://app.kamoto.ai/auth/registration similar to above



Also of interest:



(example of https://app.heygen.com/guest/home : translates video including lip movements to another language)


https://eigo.ai/study/?id=182&subscreen=watch (listen, watch, speak, write...)



1. practising vocab from "Abiturwortschatz" (on "religion") with a 'character'-bot (MCB)


2. work using AI images: most impressive with Skybox (St + T) --->

(for ordinary 2D images use Dall-e 2 / Stable Diffusion)


Or use ChatGPT (+ Wordwall) for any vocab exercise you can think of:


See instructions and example of student work here: click!



Possible playful task: two groups, with vocab of their choice from a given unit: produce image, show to other group, they have to guess what vocabulary was put in as prompts to produce this image.

https://skybox.blockadelabs.com/ Here is another example: 


Watch this short clip: cooking-words-2.mp4 cooking-words-2.mp4 [to view click link, then "download" in head on next page]

Literature work: (MCB)

Talking' to Chat-GPT in the role of a character, see instructions and examples here: click!

Create (Video-) Listening comprehensions: (T)

https://ai.invideo.io  After creating the video with AI, add questions on Edpuzzle, this could look like this: 

https://www.naturalreaders.com/ Reads out any text you put in. Choose from a large variety of languages and accents. 

Writing: Developing and marking texts: (St + T)

1) Process Writing: Get suggestions and corrections as you go: First Draft Assessment / original chat in ChatGPT: https://chat.openai.com/share/a01c5063-72f7-4f5e-8750-db029a43362d 

2) Mark an essay using a rubric: https://chat.openai.com/share/d14c20b0-ef9c-4ee1-989a-22326d4f9944 

https://www.deepl.com/write Alternative to ChatGPT

Example Reading Comprehension with well-known short story: (T)


H.I. Surveys (and more!): (T + St)




More Ideas:


-     ChatGPT im Unterricht (Fremdsprachen) – 25 Praxisbeispiele für ChatGPT als Lern- und Unterrichtsassistent: https://unterrichten.digital/2023/01/20/chatgpt-unterricht-fremdsprachen/ 


    Alternatives to ChatGPT: https://www.perplexity.ai/  /  https://gemini.google.com/?hl=en


-     Combine ChatGPT and Wordwall basics: https://youtu.be/MwlwpWeHTd0?feature=shared / Using wordwall.net by itself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7clIANVFezk 


-     Kahoot Template: KahootQuizTemplate.xlsx Prepare your quizzes fast on an excel sheet ---> import into kahoot.


-     Chrome-Addon "ChatGPT for youtube" to summarize a youtube video: yields a summary / transcribed text + time stamps / https://www.happyscribe.com/ 


    https://www.teachertrainingvideos.com/ complete selection of videos about using AI and a lot more, by Russell Stannard


-      https://youtu.be/nh_x_oLigyY?feature=shared make quizlet flashcards in seconds


-     https://app.twee.com Lots of different AI-powered language practice exercises of all kinds


-     How to become a speed learner with ChatGPT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rIJuSFsyv18 


-     Detect AI-produced texts: The best "humanizers" vs. the best "detectors": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXdYYyuDwDw 


      Nr. 1: https://gowinston.ai/   Nr. 2: https://www.zerogpt.com/


-     https://theresanaiforthat.com/ (there are more than 10,000 apps now...)


-     AI for presentations: https://www.slidesai.io/de 


-     jailbreak prompts to use the FULL potential of ChatGPT

       https://github.com/0xk1h0/ChatGPT_DAN  (Use at your own risk and with your own good judgement)



MORE TOOLS with short description (click!)

(Will be regularly updated) 


Prompting Ideas with actual wording of the prompt (click!)

(Will be regularly updated) 


Online Tools für Latein: Neuestes Online Lehrmittel und mehr (click!)


Mini-page pour le français: (click!)


Mini-página para el español: (click!)


Ausführlicher ChatGPT Guide für Lehrkräfte: (click!)


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