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Workshop Swiss Teacher Training Day 2023 – Perino: «The Taming of the Bots»


This page's URL: https://perino.pbworks.com/STTD23Perino     

Flyer: https://phzh.ch/globalassets/phzh.ch/ausbildung/master_fachdidaktik/flyer_swiss_teacher_training_day_2023.pdf   




My new ©PIN-Coaching page: 


  Email me here:  

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AI with vocabulary:


1     360 image with vocab of your choice: produce image, show to other group, they have to guess what you asked for

          (put in) to produce this image:   https://skybox.blockadelabs.com/ 

          example: digital_painting_beachworld_in_the_mountains_of_sw.jpg.pdf

          Vocabulary list Upper Intermediate English File (3rd ed.): English File Upper-Intermediate - complete vocabulary list EXCEL.pdf

               Vocabulary list Pre-Intermediate (3rd ed.): ENGLISH FILE Pre-Int - Vocabulary List Files 1 - 6 first year.pdf


          Try to create an image on skybox! Then do the guessing exercise with a friendly person near you.



https://openai.com/ (URL vor ChatGPT)


ChatGPT with 2 different stories ... (inspired by R. Stannard):


1     Let ChatGPT write two short stories about a topic you define in an environment you define with 5 differencies it should

          also name at the end. Students read their story individually, come together, tell their story to each other

          and try to identify the differences.

       Extract from Russel Stannard Youtube video:




2     2 very similar stories, told completely differently, and at different levels: easier level first, more demanding afterwards.




ChatGPT with an interview + matching in Wordwall (R. Stannard):


1     Organize questions on one side and have answers on the other side: match questions and answers. / Take it to wordwall if you like to

          create a dragging activity there. / Create a mix and match exercise on ChatGPT itself.



ChatGPT with texts:





AIChat with a Celebrity and more ...


1     Use ChatGPT to learn some truly interesting facts about the celebrity of your choice / attributed to you. Then think of at least 10 critical

           questions about the facts you have learned and do the interview here:






(Re-)sources for using ChatGPT in English Teaching:


Prompting Guide: https://www.promptingguide.ai/ 


Sources with Russel Stannard and more:




3 Tools: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuMQeEcjJTs


Advanced Ideas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xy3JQEXxK0w


Combine ChatGPT and Wordwall: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MwlwpWeHTd0


Basic uses of ChatGPT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvcORCajeeo


Natural Reader: https://www.naturalreaders.com/

Text read out with different accents, very natural!


The impact of ChatGPT on English language teaching: a teacher'sperspective: IATEFL ChatGPT.pdf


Detect ChatGPT: https://www.zerogpt.com/



Skybox image directly embeded from original webpage:






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