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Elementary through intermediate levels...


Course UniZH 2238 Fachdidaktik Englsich I  /  Vorlesungsverzeichnis     Room: SOE-F-7

Email-me here: click! 

Wichtigste Reglemente und Merkblätter zum Studiengang LLBM:  http://www.ife.uzh.ch/llbm/lehrdiplomfuermaturitaetsschulen/reglemente.html

Link to IfE / LM     /    Link to "history of Language Teaching Methods"


Requirements / Books to buy for the course (reading list)

KSM School Timetable H. Perino: Stundenplan HS2016.pdf   //  Link to online classbook KS Menzingen, HJ Perino (click!)  /  Kroki KS Menzingen.pdf  


First Semester Dates and Program HS 2016-17 /

This programme will be completed and adjusted as we go. First few sessions have been put up-to-date, later ones will follow.

Please always refer to the up-to-date version on this page !

last updated: 30th November 2016

Nr. / Dates

Jump to sessions: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 

(Times, if special)

topic of seminar session, particulars of session, tasks, info ...


Main Web Page: perino.pbworks.com  / to email me: click here!



1  /  22 September 2016

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CONTACT PAGE  (photos of participants)


Focus: thrown into the classroom...

visual input... discuss questions about movie extracts from "Summerschool"

dominant-cooperative.pdf (from Geof Petty: Evidence Based Teaching (2009).)


introduction, information, administrational stuff, organizing mini-presentations of methods, presentation of programme, introduction to PBworks.


Our motto: we will prepare and present professional lessons: i.e. we know what we do, how we do it and why we do it.



go to "perino.pbworks.com“  ---> FDE I 2016 (this is right here :-) and download and read these documents for Session 2:

lessonvisit-checks.xlsx (table to fill in for your convenience) 


read also:  "Was Didaktiker gerne verschweigen" (link to PDF on A. Barth's web-download page),  Barth_03-2011 - Jedem Anfang....pdf  /


go to CONTACT PAGE  (photos of participants) and upload your photo. You will be invited to join this workspace.


Links to publishers: Cambridge, Cornelson, MacMillan-Dictionary, MacMillan-Home, Oxford University Press, Headway, Pearson-Longan,  (New) English File, Cutting Edge 3rd EditionNew Inside Out, New Inspiration (MacMillan)  --> study the publisher's page assigned to you and be prepared to talk about its strong and weak aspects.


Other links (browse): How to choose a coursebook  Another page on criteria for course books,

 read:   choosing-a-coursebook.docx , download   bookgrid.xlsx   BRING IT TO THE BOOKSHOP


Study: Supposed competences in English of pupils after 6th year of primary school: lehrmittel_e_ps_themen_treffpkt.pdf What does this mean for Lang-Gymnasium?

 2 + 3 /  29 September

Double Session! starting 08:15

1st part at Stäheli's bookshop, 

Buchhandlung Stäheli AG
 c/o Kinderbuchladen Zürich

 Oberdorfstrasse 32

 8001 Zürich

map (click!)


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Focus: evaluation of coursebooks,

We will choose "our" book to work with when planning pre-intermediate lessons: First Part WILL TAKE PLACE AT Stäheli's BOOKSHOP, Zürich!


Second Part: 


Discussing websites of publishers as to their usefulness



read docs, visit links: 

core-requirements.pdf  /  Teaching Techniques   /  Teacher-Personality-MR.docx  /  Before didactics.docx  /  what do teachers do.docx  /  1st-Lesson-dos-n-donts.docx  /  t-factor-print.jpg, classlanguage.pdf  /   

4     / 6  October


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Presentation: Preethy, Dolly: audio-lingual methodFDI-Preethy&Dolly.pptx

Summary of methods: Methods.docx

Focus: “what is a good (English) teacher”,

teacher personality, teacher’s roles and attitudes /Answer ppt "teachers are..." / born or aquired? //


first lesson activity.  1st-Lesson-dos-n-donts.docx    ENGLISH WOMEN'S NAMES.pdf  / ENGLISH MEN'S NAMES.pdf  / Barth_03-2011-jedem Anfang....pdf  /  classroom language.pdfI am a teacher.pdf  Conversation Questions: http://iteslj.org/questions/


If time, start discussing lesson plans, form teams.



As a result of your readings and our discussions, write a short text about "the kind of good teacher I want to be"   

Swisseduc Lesson Plans English /  Lessonplan-model.docx  (grid to use for this group ---> not the only possible one, of course, but we are using the same grid for it to be comparable!)

Get inspired for your lesson plans by growing / reading: read HTT ch. 12 (planning lessons/lesson plans), LT ch. 6 (planning lessons), 15 (tools, techniques, activities)   Teachknowlogy Page   Input on Lesson Plans   Making a Lesson Plans (with samples)  /  lesson-aims.docx    LP.pdf   preparing-lessonplan.docx 

5  /  13 October

(20 October NO Session)


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Presentation: community learning: Kristina, Fatma, Maja 


C3_Epostl_E.pdf  /

Discussing how to make a lesson plan / working in teams or individually to prepare lesson plans with chosen coursebook (brainstorming ideas / start putting them into a unified lesson  --> complete lesson plans for session 7 on Nov 3rd)

Focus: Working Session "Lesson Plans" 

Crucial Questions for Preparing Lesson Plans.docx



upload lesson plans (+ additional materials, worksheets etc.) here (click)



upload your lesson plans to Pbworks and DOWNLOAD all the other plans for Nov 3 /


tasks for topic classroom management: read LT ch. 3, HTT ch. 3 

READ one or both: Was Fachdidaktiker gerne verschweigen.pdf   Was Fachdidaktiker ausserdem verschweigen.pdf

plus look at some of these links and docs: 

ETP-Jul03-classroom organisation.pdf  ETP-Nov04-spirit of cohesion.pdf 

classroom management answers CLM tips and answers  http://www.geschichte-erforschen.de/unterricht/kounin/index.htm   least-intervention.pdf  Becoming a more efficient Classroom Manager.pdf 



Techniken Klassenfuehrung.doc

responsible classroom management.doc

Org des Unterrichts.doc

First Impression.doc

Penalties in the Classroom.doc

NEW LINK: Key to CLM! (click!)

learner types. LearnerTypes-TeacherTypes.doc   learner-types.pdf

test yourself: click here  / or here  /  or here  /

More information on "learner type" (click)



6  /  27 October


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Presentation: Izabella, Jana, Erik: Task-based method task_based.pptx


Focus: aspects of classroom management 

input H. Perino, how to keep up the flow over various phases of a lesson / classlang.pdf  guidlines-for-praise.doc  ClassroomManagement2.doc  Ericsson-Deliberate Practice-Expert.doc  Teachers_make_a_difference_-_ACER_(2003).pdf


finalkouninpresentation.pptx least-intervention.pdf

Classroom management for Dummies...



look at berufspraktische Ausbildung as a whole:


example non-coursebook phases / lessons:

Conversation questions link (click) ENGLISH WOMEN'S NAMES.pdf  ENGLISH MEN'S NAMES.pdf



 finalise lesson plans if necessary. 

7 /  3 November


(jump back up: click!)

Presentation: Sara Mian, Maria, Liby: Communicative Method 

Communicative Method_Presentation_Maria_Liby_Sara_3_Nov_2016.pdf  

Focus: presenting and discussing your lesson plans

download lesson plans (+ additional materials, worksheets etc.) from here (click)

Working with Lessonplans ---> check critically if:
-  engaging opening
-  enough input for students to figure out rules (do not ask them to tell  
    you what they should actually learn in the lesson)
-  time calculated realistically?
-  enough and adequate practice
-  use of different skills
-  smooth transition between phases?

-  you name it...



Info "Übungslehrer (click here!)"

 --> choosing from offers available 




Make a note of all the critical and the positive points that you discussed / found yourself about the various lesson plans and bring your notes to the session  

8  /  10 November


(jump back up: click!)

Presentation: Flavia, Jennifer: Desuggestopedia 


Trip to the Moon.pdf Trip to the Moon - solution.pdf  / Tracy in love.pdf


Focus: presenting and discussing your lesson plans (continued)

download lesson plans (+ additional materials, worksheets etc.)  from here (click)


warmers, fillers, games:


- football: vocab, verb forms, opposites, picture-word, ...

- "Simon says": direct instruction: action verbs, giving directions, ...

- rucksack game (memorize vocab)

- collecting language material: adjectives, verbs, nouns, what you need!

- find someone who: questions + vocabulary (pre-intermediate), exchanging opinion (intermediate, advanced)

- Quizzes, crosswords: vocabulary, forms

- line by line revealing (e.g. Bush text): prediction, grammatical structure

- rhythm for structures: Rhythm with questions-past.xls  Verbs to use in rhythm activity.docx

- humourous grammar rules (intermediate, advanced): http://www.creativeteachingsite.com/humorgrammar.htm

- running dictations (content purposeful!) / George Bush kidnapped.docx

- role plays: roleplays_sample.pdf  swappy-roleplays-for-adults-2-bw-version-included.doc  swappy-roleplays-for-adults-1.doc

- talking rounds with lots of input: phones.pdf   emotions.doc   emotions.doc

- collective story telling, oral, written


read docs, visit links:


lohntabelle97.pdf   Arbeitstabelle Jahresgrundlohn07.pdf  Lohnskalen zur MBVO (Löhne ab 01_01_2009).pdf

Arbeitstabelle+Jahreslohn 2012.pdf  Anstellungsbedingungen Lehrkräfte Kt. Zürich

MAR-Reglement.pdf   MBA (Mittelschul- und Berufsbildungsamt Kt. ZH)  VO_MAR_d.pdf

9  /  17 November


(jump back up: click!)

Presentation: Content-Based : Sara St., Sefik, PriskaContent_Based Instruction.pptx


Focus: "Lehrplan" / teaching situation in Kanton Zürich  /

starting to think about vocabulary, speaking, error correction




Where Primary School should meet Gymnasium in English:




 read LT ch. 9.1-9.5; ch. 12; HTT ch. 6, 9, 14-1/6/7 visit links and read documents on PBwiki

ETP-Nov04-The Shy Speaker.pdf   ETP-Mar05-SpeakingSpontaneously4.pdf   ETP-Mar05-AuthenticCommunication.pdf   ETP-Jan05-speaking spontaneaously.pdf  


Taboos and Issues (ideas for vocabulary lessons)

Two dozens of tips for vocabulary teaching...  http://www.trcabc.com/resources/top-ten-ways-to-teach-vocabulary/  McCarten_booklet.pdf  http://www.eslflashcards.com


Answer sheet "What I would do" (error correction) What I would do.pdf  read HTT ch. 9 / LT Ch. 8, 9, 11 

10  /  24 November


(jump back up: click!)



Focus: Speaking / Error Correction / Vocabulary / Open session: your questions


Conversation Questions: http://iteslj.org/questions/


eliciting game items.pdf


Test your vocabulary here!


Documents and links used in session:

collocations.pdf  /  vocab ~ video HTT 6vocab.pd   /   http://www.learningchocolate.com/en-gb/content/emotions 

https://www.flickr.com/photos/eltpics/sets/  /  say-speak-talk-tell.pdf


error-correction task.pdf  /  c_feedback.pdf  /  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gBmZ6trNf4  / clear correction.pdf

EllisSheenMySummary.docx   /  russell.pdf (see highlighted passages especially)  /  Pedagogy of Error Correction.pdf  /

Jeremy Harmer on "Correction": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AlGc1ZDnxgA

(maybe interesting in connection with your "teacher's skills" test:) types of feedback.pdf




read HTT ch. 13 and:  Summative, Formative and other Testing (wikipedia)

About "validity and reliability" in testing   other source for the same 


Testing (collection of links)   Diagnostic Grammar Test (check yourself!)    Testing Grammar - types of tests    reliable & valid test.pdf

correction-sheet.jpg  What-is-a-good-test.doc

sample tests: TEST FOAE U7 part II.pdf  TEST NHWE 9 -10.pdf  TEST NHWE 11-body.pdf

                     TEST NNHE U 3-4.pdf


6d test 10-07.pdf  TEST HE U 3-4.pdf  Test U1_2 HWE.pdf  NEF E Mini 4-07.pdf

TEST NEF6-7.pdf  NEF E Mini 2-2007.pdf  TEST NEF U608.pdf  NEF-E Test 1 08.pdf

NEF-E U2A-C 08.pdf  Test NEF I U4AB.pdf  Test NEF I U3.pdf

11 /  1 December


(jump back up: click!)



Exam U1 EF3rd pre-int 2016.pdf   Exam U2 EF Pre-int 2016.pdf  

http://www.istest.ch/   /   https://www.classmarker.com/


Focus: Writing Tests


upload your tests here (click!)



Marking tests...

For session on 8 December, study links and documents about testing so that you are well prepared for the working session.

12  /  8 December



 (jump back up: click!)


jump to top of page

Presentation: Short introductional presentation by Jenny


Focus: Marking Tests




Noten_formel.pdf (Offizielle Notenformel Kanton Zürich)

Calculate your marks online: 3 methods




13 /  15 December



(jump back up: click!)

Test yourself! http://www.world-english.org/diagnostic_grammar.htm

Focus: discussing your tests


Oral Marks: self-evaluation2fFS14.docx

14 / 22 December



(jump back up: click!)


location for last session: http://www.corazon.ch/  10:00 am through 11:30 am.


task for second semester: 


( Re-)read the following texts BEFORE the 2nd semester starts: US American Literature through excerpts, short stories, poems / Four Continents: short stories / Poetry: series of poems / The Absolutely True Diary of a Part - Time Indian / The Time Machine / Boy in Striped Pyjamas / The Circle / Macbeth






End of Semester / Have a great Xmas Break!

Beginning of the 2nd SEMESTER of FDE on 23rd Feb

NO sessions: 6-4-17 (IATEFL Conference) / 20-4-17 (Easter Break) / 25-5-17 (Ascension Day)


double sessions:  27-4-17 (Drama or Poetry with Simon Eggimann

For the second semester: Cambridge, Joanne Collie & Stephen Slater: Literature in the Language Classroom

    (A resource book of ideas and activities), 1987 / 2002, ISBN 0-521-31224-8

    [might be somewhat hard to get by, at the moment, but is still a great resource book full of invaluable ideas]

    amazon online Bestellung here


This programme will be completed and adjusted as we go. Please always refer to the up-to-date version on this page !



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